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Woolie Organizers

Woolie Organizers
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If you get tired of you worms or noodles being a jumble, wasting time finding the right color, the Woolie Worm Bed is just for you! Or if you leave a trail of snippets check out the Snippet Keepers. Designed by me over 10 years ago, they will organize your worms and keep your hooking area just a bit neater ( there is still all that wool dust!).

Woolie Worm Beds
Well constructed with coordinating cotton batik fabrics that are interfaced for extra durability with a pocket on the front. They roll up and fasten with velcro. Pretty to look at and keep your worms organized, and you can easily the range of colors. Each has 8 slots or you can double organize for 16 slots.
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Woolie Snippet Keeper
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