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Wine Sari Ribbon

Wine Sari Ribbon
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Wine Sari Ribbon


Fine Wine
Fine Wine is a nice deep shade of magenta with some tones. It's quite popular and would make a nice background, border or bits of dark color in flowers. It is the darkest of my magenta family and gorgeous. Medium Fine Wine, by request, isin the family of Fuchsia, it happens!

Spot Dye

Ives Color Family 17-28,17-16

medium Fine Wine: Fuchsia 16-15,16-15,16-17

Wool Club Issue 6 4/17
Wine and Roses
Wine and Roses is a pretty blue- red. From The Wool Club Issue 8 Oct. 2017. Pretty for hearts, flowers,dresses,nice for a soft strawberry and in it's Dark Value a nice rich cranberry color that would be wonderful for Christmas Themed rugs if you prefer to use cranberry instead of red. If you are looking for a Baby Girl Pink, then choose Pastel Wine & Roses.


Ives Color: 18-4, Medium Wine & Roses 18-11, Dark Wine & Roses 18-16 , Light Wine & Roses 1818-8, Pale Wine & Roses 18-6, Pastel Wine & Roses 18-4

Wine Sari Ribbon and Fat Quarter Wool