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Tropical Passion

Tropical Passion
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Tropical Passion
Here is a beautiful vibrant turquoise with nice movement and slight variation in values. Tropical Passion is in between Roustabout Turquoise and Turquoise Passion. You can use all three together to great effect, especially when you mix in a range of values. It goes with so many colors it would be hard to list them all. Check out Orange 21 and then the Spring Greens, Yellow Greens and even Chartreuse. For a lovely Triad Color harmony choose Sun Yellow or Brilliant Goldfinch and Magenta Rose.

Ives Color: Turquoise 9 - 14,9 - 12, 9 - 11, 9 - 9

This is one of those photo's where it does not do the color justice. It's a rich vibrant color. The swatch photo is more accurate.

$4.00, 12/$40.00
$7.75, 12/$77.50
$18.50, 5/$85.00
$35.50, 3/$97.00
$66.00, 2/$122.00
Tropical Passion Long 8 Value Swatch
Tropical Passion Sparkle
A beautiful turquoise!