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Tis Water, Tis Sky

Tis Water, Tis Sky
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Tis Water, Tis Sky
Tis Water, Tis Sky is one of my earlier pieces. It remains very popular in testament to it's beauty and usefulness.It has very light to medium values with subtle splashes of turquoise and aqua green. It would mix well with Grand Cayman for a softer pastel sky.

Wool Club Issue 3 - 7/16

Spot Dye

Ives Color Family 11-1,11-2,9-18,11,15,7-18

The photo makes this piece look pinkish but, it is not. Dyed over White wool for brightness.

$4.00, 12/$40.00
$7.75, 12/$77.50
$18.50, 5/$85.00
$35.50, 3/$97.00
$66.00, 2/$122.00