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Sunset Over Wheeler

Item# sunsetoverwheeler

Product Description

We have a spectacular view to the west with breathtaking sunsets. They continually bowl me over and I never tire of their beauty. This was developed to try to get that look but really, it's impossible. Here is my feeble attempt. It is a lovely soft piece with movement in color and values. It would work for interesting lettering, especially if you outline them or fun padula flowers. It could work as a background for the right colors, too. Lots of possibilities.

Spot Dye

Ives Color: Yellow Orange 22-7, 22-26, 19-31, 19-27

$3.75, 12/$37.50
$7.25, 12/$72.50
$17.50, 5/$78.00
$33.50, 3/$91.00
$62.00, 2/$114.00