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Stormy Weather

Stormy Weather
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Stormy Weather
This is a complex piece of multiple colors. It's a beauty that would be a good choice to color plan a rug around.There is a lot of movement in value and color. It could work well as the piece that outlines everything to tie every thing together. I can see it as a background against vibrant flowers. Perhaps a dark sunset sky.It's pretty with Blooming Purple, Dolly's Orchid, Deep Purple and Pipers Midnight. I have listed the predominant colors.

Spot Dye

Ives Color: 14-31,15-30,13-31,12-25,17-11

$3.75, 12/$37.50
$17.50, 5/$78.00
$33.50, 3/$91.00
$62.00, 2/$114.00