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Speckled Paisley Pear

Speckled Paisley Pear
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Speckled Paisley Pear
First designed as a Wool Applique/Penny Rug and translated into a Rug Hooking design. I have a fondness for pears and I love this pattern! What fun you can have here and so many decisions to make. Modern, primitive, embellished or not, then the color choices! DO you want a green or golden pear. I dyed a very special spot dye for the wool applique pattern if you'd like a green pear or dijon mustard would be a lovely golden pear. I would use multiple colors on each leaf and carry the around. Try silk yarn for the veins or outline the leaf. Mix in some velvet, maybe on the pear speckles and even a bead at the point of the leaf would be fun. SO much fun in a not too big piece!

Pattern on Linen

Size: 18in. x 18 in.


This is the wool I suggested for the pear. It consists of 3 slims which should be enough for most cuts.
 18 x 18 Bosal Pillow Form
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