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Sparkle Wool

Sparkle Wool
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Sparkle Wool
Here are the pieces I dye over natural/silver Sparkle Wool. This is a loser woven fabric and I used to recommend cutting the wool on a #6 or higher. Recently, I started washing and drying the wool before dyeing to help it become tighter and I feel confident in stating this could be cut as small as # 4 cut.

Try it out and create a little shimmer in your rugs!

Diane's Snow Sparkle
A light piece just wonderful for snow with nice shadows of very pale blue, pink and grey.

Spot Dye

From Wool Club Issue 5 January 2017

Mr. Mr. Snowman Sparkle
Now the most popular of my wool's for it's versatility and subtle tones. Great for snow, window panes, churches,snowy owls,ice, it's endless. Keep some in your stash at all times! Has very subtle tones of aqua, blue, taupe and gray. The sparkle version adds great bling!
Just Ducky Sparkle
I love this warm yellow! It is wonderful for flowers, golden yellow birds, a lovely sun, spots of warm yellow in a sunset, a golden glow from a light. Such a pretty and useful color.


From The Wool Club:Issue 9 January, 2018

Ives Color Family: Golden Yellow 24-6
Medium Emerald Splash Sparkle
A nice grass green shimmering with morning dew!
Dad's Green Sparkle
Dad's Green was inspired by my Dad and his love of the color green. When he was alive we shared the fascination of the shapes that appeared as if by magic on spot dyed wool. This is a darker green with movement and splashes of gold. Would be a nice dark background and for extra interest and movement mix it with Monsieur Frogge ( Yellow Green 3). Great for dark foliage and in the landscape.It would be nice for a frog or a turtle.

Spot Dye

Ives Color: 4-17, 4-18
Garden Party Sparkle
A gorgeous piece of multiple colors perfect for a background of floral's in particular. This was a happy mistake of mixing up the order of dyes at the end of a busy day. It reads Spring Green at first glance , then your eye wanders to discover splashes of aqua green, turquoise, purple, red violet, chartreuse and yellow green and navy. Hooked as is it could give the "impression" of floral and foliage from a distance.Thjere is extra interest with the hint of sparkle.

Spot Dye

Ives Colors: Spring Green 4-12, Aqua Blue 8-31, Red Violet 14-31, Purple 15-30, Blue Violet 12-17 and Yellow Green 3-13
Twinkling Sky Sparkle
A soft sky with value variations. This is a tint of turquoise and Aqua Blue so it is quite soft and will be a beautiful sky or water with bits of bling.


From The Wool Club Issue 14 April 2019

Ives Color: Turquoise 9-5, 8-5
Light Turquoise Passion Sparkle
Great for Sparkling Tropical Water.

In between Aqua Blue and Aqua Green
Bluebird Sparkle
There are multiple uses for this blue. The Pale Bluebird would be great for a sky and Light Bluebird would be a nice Bluebird color. Will be stunning with all most all of Yellow Orange -22 colors, especially Joyful Orange. For a stunning Triadic Color Harmony include Blue - Red 18 ( Wine & Roses) and Chartreuse - 2 ( Pistachio). Thee are so many possibilities with Bluebird. For a good "Bluebird" use Light Bluebird & Medium Bluebird and Light Flamingo Dance.


Ives Color: Cerulean Blue 10-11
Tropical Passion Sparkle
A beautiful turquoise!
Regaliscious Sparkle
Dark Blooming Violet Sparkle
The beautiful Blooming Violet in Dark Sparkle.
Pale Hibiscus Sparkle
The pale value in sparkle of the lovely and popular Hibiscus.
Hibiscus Sparkle
This is a gorgeous color made even more fun with the addition of sparkles! A great color to play with adding lush brightness.

Ives Color: Fuchsia 16-16-12, 16-13
Country Red Sparkle
A nice versatile and popular red with some variation in value for good movement. It's a nice choice for an antique red Santa and in primitive style rugs and a great choice for borders.I used this for the background ( and others have too) in a Native American Design and love it. This makes a beautiful red background! The 7 value swatch would be lovely soft flowers. The sparkle is a great choice for a Patriotic theme!


Ives Color Family 19-14, 19-15, 19-16
Darker Bright Red Sparkle
A bright and beautiful pure red. The red in the American Flag comes to mind with Darker Bright Red. Pair it with Regaliscious and Mr. Mr Snowman over/white for the perfect Americana colors with a bit of bling.


Ives Color Family: Red 19-12
Lipstick Red Sparkle
Here is a darker red that would be nice for primitive style rugs or just where you want a dark red with some sparkle It would be a nice dark background or border. Nice for lettering, too especially if you outline with a lighter or brighter color such as a gold or if against a light background use Soft Black, Purple Royalty, Black Grapes for the outline. It's a good choice where you want the brighness of red without it overpowering other colors. There is subtle movement with some darker values.


Ives Color: Red 19-17
Rhode Island red Hen III Sparkle
I never know how a piece will come out the first time I dye over Sparkle fabric. Sometimes the recipe has to be adjusted because it came out too light or as the case with this piece, darker. For now I am offering Dark Rhode Island red Hen III Sparkle and Rhode Island Red Hen III Sparkle.


Ives Color: Orange 21 - Dark Rhode Island Red Hen III Sparkle 21-14, 21-15

Photo: Dark Rhode Island Red Hen III Sparkle
Dark Fire Ball Sparkle
The vibrant Dark Fire Ball in Sparkle!
Mango Passion Sparkle
The lovely vibrant Mango Passion in Sparkle!
Gold Bullion Sparkle
Here is the beautiful Gold Bullion in a Sparkle version.

Wool Club Issue 20 Oct20
Nuts Bout Acorns Sparkle
Most of the Sparkle's come from your request. Nuts Bout Acorns makes a great Sparkle with lots of movement in value and color. Lots of uses for this piece. I wonder, if you hooked a tree, would it look like it had rain drops on it from the Sparkle?

Spot Dye
Ebony Sparkle
Ebony Sparkle was a request. She immediately ordered more with the comment 'this is so cool"! Have fun and play with it for some interesting effects. This is a good dark black.

Black Grapes Sparkle
The beautiful Black Grapes now in Sparkle! This is a wonderful background color. Mix it with Piper's Midnight Sparkle for more movement and interest or use Black Grapes for less sparkle effect.
Piper's Midnight Sparkle
It is a lovely dark with subtle color movement.A wonderful background, border or night sky for which it was originally developed. Mix it with Black Grapes for even more movement

Spot Dye

Wool Club Issue 5 January 2017

Ives Color Family: Violet 13-18