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Sparkle Wool

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Product Description

Here are the pieces I dye over natural/silver Sparkle Wool. This is a loser woven fabric and I used to recommend cutting the wool on a #6 or higher. Recently, I started washing and drying the wool before dyeing to help it become tighter and I feel confident in stating this could be cut as small as # 4 cut.

Try it out and create a little shimmer in your rugs!

I love this warm yellow! It is wonderful for flowers, golden yellow birds, a lovely sun, spots of warm yellow in a sunset, a golden glow from a light. Such a pretty and useful color.


From The Wool Club:Issue 9 January, 2018

Ives Color Family: Golden Yellow 24-6
A soft sky with value variations. This is a tint of turquoise and Aqua Blue so it is quite soft and will be a beautiful sky or water with bits of bling.


From The Wool Club Issue 14 April 2019

Ives Color: Turquoise 9-5, 8-5
It is a lovely dark with subtle color movement.A wonderful background, border or night sky for which it was originally developed. Mix it with Black Grapes for even more movement

Spot Dye

Wool Club Issue 5 January 2017

Ives Color Family: Violet 13-18
A bright and beautiful pure red. The red in the American Flag comes to mind with Darker Bright Red. Pair it with Regaliscious and Mr. Mr Snowman over/white for the perfect Americana colors with a bit of bling.


Ives Color Family: Red 19-12
A light piece just wonderful for snow with nice shadows of very pale blue, pink and grey.

Spot Dye

From Wool Club Issue 5 January 2017

Ebony Sparkle was a request. She immediately ordered more with the comment 'this is so cool"! Have fun and play with it for some interesting effects. This is a good dark black.