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She Had To Fly

She Had To Fly
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She Had To Fly
The story behind She Had to Fly is an overview of my life from an early stage in my company and a Celebration of my 15 years of designing. When I drew my first design it came at a time when there had been a series of crisis. It was a time that was both sad, stressful and joyful. I was starting my very own rug hooking design business! Fast forward a few years and another crisis forced a huge change in my life that propelled me into leaving a 30 year marriage and moving. It was another time of stress, fear and joy and the freedom to fly with my dreams for my business. The idea for this design came after that transition and has been germinating for a few years. I chose this time to draw my design in honor of my Anniversary and journey of the last 15 years. It is full of symbols that have meaning to me and I will include them in a Legend for you. This design is all about facing your fears, challenges, going after what matters to you with both hope and faith in yourself.

Above all, this design is a story of encouragement for all who have contemplated changes in their life, no matter what it may be; Take that step forward and FLY!

Symbol Legend for She Had To Fly

Bee: aerodynamically the Bee cannot fly however, the Bee does not know this and flies anyway. A Bee can carry 300x itís weight, they work hard and still take time to smell the flowers. Birdcage: birds are a symbol of freedom and the birdcage symbolizes loss of freedom. This birdcages door is open, restoring freedom. Butterflies: Symbolize resurrection, endurance, change, hope and life, associated with our soul. Cattails: gifting a bouquet of cattails is wishig that person peace and prosperity. They also symbolize victory. Cherry Blossoms: represent the fragility and beauty of life as they are are almost overwhelmingly beautiful and their life is tragically short. A reminder to treasure life. Dragonfly: symbolic of light, transformation and personal growth, joy and abundance. . Frog: symbolic of healing and cleansing, rebirth, transition and transformation. Lotus Flower: they are spiritual awakening and rebirth. Siddhartha strew lotus blossoms as he walked. Magpie: they are good luck, long lasting fortune, intellect, creative expression and happiness. Salamander: they symbolize immortality, rebirth and passion, transformation, renewal and regeneration. Snail: the spiral of the snail represents the cycle of life, death and rebirth, the progress of life spiraling out and expanding.

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Pattern on Linen

Size: 48 in. x 32 in.