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Sangria Sari Ribbon

Sangria Sari Ribbon
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Sangria Sari Ribbon


Susie Red
Susie Red is one of my most popular of all the reds. Originally developed for my pattern Calico Cat & Mice, based on the mischievous nature of my former cat, Susie. There is good movement of values and it will add brightness. Lighter Susie Red is slightly lighter than the origianl and a lovely soft color. Dark Susie Red is a great choice for outlining other Red Oranges or providing depth through a shade.


Ives Color Family 20-12, 20-,15, 20-16

Photo is Lighter Susie Red
Red Oak Leaves
A nice piece with variations of medium to dark orange red with subtle splashes of orange and a bit of golden yellow. Used in Blooming Fall for the red oak leaves and in the border. A bit more subdued colors on this and still lovely. Dark Red Oak Leaves is also available which was used for outlining some leaves in Blooming Fall.

Spot Dye

Ives Color: 20-25, 20-13, 20-14, 21-22

Dark Red Oak Leaves Ives Color: 20-30,20-14,20-17

Photo Inset: Dark Red Oak Leaves
Sangria Sari Ribbon and Fat Quarter Wool