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Rose Sari Ribbon

Rose Sari Ribbon
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Rose Sari Ribbon


Fuchsia Glads
A rich fuchsia color just perfect for flowers from Issue 9 of the Wool Club. For your foliage Golfers's Green, Olive Elf, Dad's Green, Rose Green Leaves, Budding Spring and Lily Pad all look lovely. Other floral colors that pair nicely are Deep Magenta, Beauty of an Iris and Guardian Angel Sunshine. Try Cool Cat Aqua in multiple shades for the background. Available in Pale, Light, Medium, Dark and an 8 Value Swatch.


Ives Color Fuchsia 16: Fuchsia Glad's 16-13, Medium Fuchsia Glad's 16-12, Light Fuchsia Glad's 16-9, Pale Fuchsia Glad's 16-8

Photo: Medium Fuchsia Glads

Photo Inset: Pale Fuchsia Glads

Wool CLub: Issue 9- 1/18
Deep Rose
Here is one my prettiest of the Fuchsia colors. The lighter values are pretty and don't get muddy as can happen. Lovely for flowers and accents. Shaded Deep Rose is darker and has a touch of Black to help it be darker and make it a great choice for a dark background. This is different from the Blackened colors I have done. The beautiful Deep Rose color is still there. Abrash

Ives Color: Fuchsia 16 12, Shaded Deep Rose 16-17

Photo Inset: Medium Deep Rose