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Purple Royalty

Purple Royalty
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Purple Royalty
* The wool I use to dye this piece has been discontinued! I am so sad about this as it's one of my favorite go to piece for dark borers and backgrounds. I am working on a recipe to replicate it the best I can. I have Purple Royalty II which is close but not quite and still a beauty worth keeping. Please check with me if you have this before and want an update. In the meantime give Purple Royalty II a try! Purple Royalty is a challenge to keep in stock. It's a lovely shade of Violet. It reads as black when hooked and punches bright and light colors when used as a background. I have personally used it in 3 of my rugs and I love the look. It's a wonderful background or border. See how in my Sunflower where I used Purple Royalty for the border reads as black but is much richer than a black would be. . It really created a beautiful border and provided nice contrast with the background "Diane's Snow". It would also mix nicely with Electric Crow for a little more movement. They are dyed over the same wool but with different dye colors.

Spot Dye

Ives Color: Darker than Violet 13-18

Pattern available through: Honey Bee Hive

Designer Kim Nixon

Hooked By Nancy Jewett

Photo Inset: Purple Royalty II

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Purple Royalty Hand Ded yarn
Purple Royalty is a dark Blue Violet that appears black. It was developed to go with Purple Royalty and Shaded Purple wool, one of my favorite backgrounds and a favorite of yours, too.It is also compatible with Midnight Delight and Electric Crow.