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My Orange Love

My Orange Love
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My Orange Love
Here is a vibrant new color that came about as a mistake. Just 3 dye colors but what a lot of movement! All of the colors are brighter than what you see on the 3 In 1 Color Tool. Splashes of Yellow Orange, Orange, Red Orange and a color between Orange Yellow and Golden Yellow that is so much more vibrant. A must have for those who love the warm colors! Perfect for Fall Themed Rugs and a color that will duplicate the intensity of some of those Fall colors.

Spot Dye

Ives Color: 22-9,21-10,21-8,20-9

$3.75, 12/$37.50
$17.50, 5/$78.00
$33.50, 3/$91.00
$62.00, 2/$114.00