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Spots Having A Party

Spots Having A Party
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Spots Having A Party
Hre are spots with a wide variety of colors within one piece. They can be quite stunning and I have people say they couldn't bear to cut a piece. These often work well for outling flowers in a primitice style motiff, intersting backgrounds or borders. Mutilple possibilities only restricted by imagination! For these I highly reccommend you purchase abit extra to insure you have enough for your project. They are apt to vary from dye lot to dye lot no matter how careful I am.

Anjou Pear
This is one gorgeous wool! A spot dye I developed for the pear of my Wool Applique pattern Paisley Pear. It's a vibrant Yellow Green with splashes of green, chartreuse, yellow orange, yellow and a muted gold. Just spectacular for flower foliage and landscape foliage.

Spot Dye

Ives Color Family: Yellow Green 3-10, 3-11,2-9,4-1-9,23-12, 24-12

Rug Hooked by P. Bazar CA. Designer: Bea Brock Pattern Available through: I Love Rug Hooking Background Wool: Anjou Pear

Wool Club: Issue 13 - 1/19
Beautiful Pear
This is one popular and versatile wool. It's just lovely and splashed riotously with colors that hook up beautifully. It was developed for Basket of Tulips and has been showing up in every neighborhood since. It's wonderful in leaves and other foliage. I rently had someone chose this for the background of a rug of Raggedy Anne and Andy. Beautiful Pear has splashed of the urnt red matching their hair. We mixed it with Medium I Love Olive and Light Bright Khaki for a lovely mix.
Monet Leaves
This is a nice soft piece, great for leaves with some interest.There is a splash o yellow orange and red violet and movement in the chartreuse family in tones.

Spot Dye

Ives Color Family 2-33,2-32,2-31,2-16,22-27,8-26,14-18
Spring Foliage
This is a lovely bright green with splashes of Yellow Green, Spring Green in a variety of values along with splashes of mustard. What stunningleaves this would be especially with fuchsia and purple flowers. It would be lovely and a spark of brightness to foliage. I highly reccomend this for your stash.

Spot Dye

ives Color: Yellow Green 3-13, 3-10, 3-8, 4-11,4-16,4-18,24-11,1-11
Gemstones is one special wool with a lot of color going on. It is one of my favorites in the spot dyes. I have it listed here in the Yellow Green family and it is listed in the Aqua Green Family, too. It depends on what part of the wool you are looking at. You may not want to cut this one! There are splashes of Chartreuse and Orange-Red and there is movement in values as well. It would be a nice medium background and gorgeous for landscapes and gardens.

Spot Dye

Ives Color Family: 3-31, 7-32, 2-8, 20-16

Wool Club: Issue 9 - 1/18

Wool Club Issue 19 7/20 - updated to be a bit brighter
Garden Party
A gorgeous piece of multiple colors perfect for a background of floral's in particular. This was a happy mistake of mixing up the order of dyes at the end of a busy day. It reads Spring Green at first glance , then your eye wanders to discover splashes of aqua green, turquoise, purple, red violet, chartreuse and yellow green and navy. Hooked as is it could give the "impression" of floral and foliage from a distance.Thjere is extra interest with the hint of sparkle.

Spot Dye

Ives Colors: Spring Green 4-12, Aqua Blue 8-31, Red Violet 14-31, Purple 15-30, Blue Violet 12-17 and Yellow Green 3-13

Wool Club: Issue 11 - 7/18
Grand Cayman
This is a wonderful sky! Softened and warmed with splashes of lavender to create wonderful movement.The sky used in Spring Mischief and hooked in circles for a fun sky.

Wool Club Issue 2-4/16

Ives Color Family Aqua Blue 8 - 8
Inner City
Another of my favorite darks. Has also been made into a gorgeous wrap.A wonderful background in rich earth tones. Would be a spectacular tree. You could plan an entire rug around this wool as is with twilight beauty.

Wool Club Issue 1 - 1/16

Spot Dye

Ives Color Family 21-16,2-15,4-23, 23-15
Lavender Skies
Lavender Skies would be a beautiful sky if you are looking for a mix of colors. There is blue, blue violet and red violet in soft tones.

Spot Dye

Ives Color Family 11-5,11-8,14-9,12-19
Razzled Dazzled
Razzled Dazzled is a spot dye with quite a variety of color going on - kinda like a party! It's a medium value with bursts of Purple, Red Violet, Cerulean Blue, Violet, a bit of Fuchsia and other colors in between in a range of values. Try it for Padula Flowers, a darker stormy sky, or dark stormy water. If using for flowers I would use a mix of Chartreuse, Yellow Green and Spring Green for the foliage. To outline your floer use ither Dolly's Orhid, Larkspur Delight ot Blackberry Smash.For the right piece could also work as an interesting border. Definately a piece to bring out your creativity.

Spot Dye

Ives Colors: Red Violet 14-14, 15-17,13-12, 11-25, 16-30
Mulberry Passion
This is an older piece I love. It has subtle color variation and and movement in values. The predominate color can be a Dark Fuchsia or Purple depending on the dye lot! with splashes of Lighter Fuchsia, Purple and Red Violet. A lovely darker background or border. It would be pretty lettering and outline with a lighter color in the green family or if you're looking for a little pizzazz try something in Chartreuse, Yellow Green or Spring Green. For a background with greater movement blend with Dark Dolly's Orchid, Blooming Purple and Blackberry Smash.

Spot Dye

Ives Color: Fuchsia 16-16,16-26,15-35,14-31,15-18
Stormy Weather
Stormy Weather has a vast aray of color and values. It is bright in some areas and dull in others. Please order enough for your project as it will always come out differntly. It would be an interesting background with a very simple motiff such as a white flower or other color motiff within this field. It could work as an outline for a primitive/folk art style flower. A challenge to your imagination!

Spot Dye
Rainbow Sorbet
The general color of Rainbow Sorbet is Ivory with splashes of Orange, Green, Red, Violet and Blue. A good choice for a light background floral rug, the vase for flowers or a cottage style home.

Spot Dye
Over The Rainbow
This came from a requset for a background featuring a Peacock with all their glorious colors. There are 8 colors used for this piece with splashes of yellow green, aqua green, blue, hot pink, yellow orange, brown, coral, fuchsia, magenta, blue green, blue violet and olive.

Spot Dye