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Mrs. Piggy Dreams of Ferris Wheels

Mrs. Piggy Dreams of Ferris Wheels
Item# mrspiggydreamssofferriswheels

Product Description

I had an idea for a checkerboard pig, then i got carried away ( or should I say had fun) with the border. So, I did another version with a simpler border for Checkerboard Piggy. The border will take some thought and I suggest a Hexad Color Harmony ( 3 sets of Compliments ) to give you some play with color. It would look amazing to outline everything. Use Mrs. Piggy wool for Mrs. Piggy and either medium Yellow Green 3 ( Granny Smith) or Spring Green 4 ( Spring Green) for the background.

Pattern on Linen

Size: 40 in. x 27.75 in.


Mrs. Piggy
I love pigs, they make me chuckle and piglets are so adorable. I wanted a realistic pig color. Not all, but most have a light salmon/pink skin tone with whitish hair. Here is a blend of those two effects. Also available in a medium value for those wrinkle lines.


Ives Color: Yellow Orange 22-2

Photo: Medium Mrs. Piggy