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Mr. Piggys Dinner

Mr. Piggys Dinner
Item# mr-piggys-dinner

Product Description

Mr. Piggys Dinner
Mr. Piggy went to Farmer Johns Market had great success procuring his dinner.

Wool Suggestions: Pig - Mrs Piggy, Pole: Sable, Corn: Emerald Isles for Husk, Corn Kernals: Pale Sun Yellow, Light Sun Yellowor Pale Just Ducky and Just Ducky, Corn Tassel, Tobacco Leaf, My Sweet Deer, Marmalade Cat, Background: Guardian Angel Sunshine or Corn Pudding: Border: Medium Country Red and Country Red.

Pattern on Linen #FPB2006158

Size:17.25in. x 13.25in.


Mr. Piggy's Dinner II
Mr. Piggy enlarged twice the original for those of you who really LOVE pigs.I find him quite charming.

Size: 26in.x 34in.

Pattern on Linen
Mrs. Piggy
I love pigs, they make me chuckle and piglets are so adorable. I wanted a realistic pig color. Not all, but most have a light salmon/pink skin tone with whitish hair. Here is a blend of those two effects. Also available in a medium value for those wrinkle lines.


Ives Color: Yellow Orange 22-2

Photo: Medium Mrs. Piggy
Sable was a happy mistake! It's a lovely brown that dyes well in all its various values. It's a hard one to keep in stock! It would be great for a moose or any similar colored brown animal. Available in various values and a Long 7 Value Swatch.


From Wool Club Issue 13 January 2019

Ives Color Family: Orange yellow

Photo Inset: Dark Sable
Emerald Isles
Emerald Isles is one of my favorite greens in this family. It's bright and soft with subtle splashes of blue. Wonderful in landscapes and bright foliage. Lovely with McCumber Stained Glass and pairs nicely with Golfer's Dream Green.

Spot Dye

Ives Color Family: 5-14, 5-15, 5-17
Sun Yellow
As it's name implies this is a lovely Sun color. It falls between Golden Yellow 24 and Yellow 1. I have it here because the lighter values are more yellow than golden. Wonderful for suns, moons, flowers and touches of brightness. The pastel value would be wonderful for yellow flame or light in a window.


Photo: Dark Sun Yellow Photo Inset: Light Sun Yellow
Just Ducky
I love this warm yellow! It is wonderful for flowers, golden yellow birds, a lovely sun, spots of warm yellow in a sunset, a golden glow from a light. Such a pretty and useful color. In between Yellow 1 & Golden Yellow 24.

From The Wool Club:Issue 9 January, 2018


Ives Color Family: Golden Yellow 24-6, Dark Just Ducky 24-8

Wool Club: Issue 9 - 1/18
My Sweet Deer
My Sweet Deer is a lovely color for animals like deer, a lion, a nice basket color or golden earth. Also good for dark antlers. It is the dark version of Great Antler and the two would work well together.

Spot Dye

Marmalade Cat
This is one of the colors I used for the cat in Fat Cat & Mice. There is good movement with a variety in colors and values.

Spot Dye
This is slightly Golden Brown, a shaded tone of Orange yellow. It's an abrash but appears as a Spot Dye ( probably because there is a mineral in my water the dye color does not like) which makes it interesting. There are splashes of more golden and others slightly more green. It's a cool funky piece! Great for animals, dirt, and I think it would make a good aged basket color.


Ives Color: Orange Yellow 23-31
Guardian Angel's Sunshine
This is a soft yellow similar to the yellow background in Guardian Angels.Yellow happens to be my favorite color and I think I've used it in some degree in every rug I have hooked. This is a warm versatile yellow. Could be window panes, gentle moon, happy background as in Bluebonnet Joy, the refection of moon light, nice stars, a pretty yellow house, a bow on a girls white dress and on and on. There is also Guardian Angel Sunshine Light which is even paler and Dark Guardian Angel's Sunshine a darker value.

Ives Color Family 1-2,1-3

Guardian Angel Sunshine Light Ives Color Family 1-1,1-2

Wool Club Issue 6 4/17

Light Guardian Angel Sunshine
Corn Pudding
Here is a lovely golden yellow in a medium value. It's a bit warmer than Just Ducky, another Golden Yellow. Use it for baby chicks, ducks, the sun and moon, and flowers. It would be a nice accent line berween the background and border, border blocks, birds and lettering. So many great uses it's a must for your stash. It will be gorgeous with most of the blues, especially the darker values, especially Blue Purples.


Ives Color: Golden Yellow 24-8, 24 -9
Country Red
A nice versatile and popular red with some variation in value for good movement. It's a nice choice for an antique red Santa and in primitive style rugs and a great choice for borders.I used this for the background ( and others have too) in a Native American Design and love it.The Sparkle version would add nice sparkle to Americana, Patriotic Theme rugs. This makes a beautiful red background! The 7 value swatch would be lovely soft flowers.


Ives Color Family 19-14, 19-15, 19-16, Light Country Red 19-25, Medium Country Red 19-24

Top Photo Inset: Medium Country Red

Photo Inset: Rug hooked and designed by Sue Burton Kelly using Country Red for the background. Read her story in the Gallery.