Whimsical Designs for Rug Hooking


Item# moonstone

Product Description

Moonstone is a soft unusual blend of blue-violet values and splashes of violet 13, blue 11 and fuchsia 16. It is a lovely sky with more interest than just blue. It was used for the sky in Blessed Journey hooked by Daisy Higgins of Maine. It would be lovely for delicate flowers. If you want a mix from light to dark use Moonstone, Tender Violet (picks up the red violet in Moonstone), Periwinkle Delight, Lost In Irises and Purple Joy.

Spot Dye

Ives Color Family: 12-5,12-9,13-10,16-26,11-27

$3.25, 32.5/$0.00
$16.50, 5/$75.00
$31.50, 3/$85.00
$60.00, 2/$110.00