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Monsieur Frogge

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Product Description

A lovely dark green perfect for foliage, backgrounds, a frog of course. Has great movement with hints of Chartreuse 2 and Yellow 1.One of my more popular dark greens.

Spot Dye Ives Color Family: Yellow Green 3-16,3-14,3-15,3-29

$3.50, 12/$35.00
Monsieur Frogge Fat Quarter
$16.50, 5/$75.00
Monsieur Frogge 1/2 Yard
$31.50, 3/$85.00
Monsieur Frogge Yard
$60.00, 2/$110.00
Monsieur Frogge Sample
Monsieur Frogge Hand Dyed Yarn
This yarn is hand dyed for me using my dye recipe so it will match your border perfectly when whipping your rug. Skeins are 2 oz. of worsted weight. My personal preference for whipping in 100% wool. The 2 oz. skein will whip approximately 320 inches.