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Metalurgy Sari Ribbon

Metalurgy Sari Ribbon
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Metalurgy Sari Ribbon
Metalurgy is like a Dip Dye, going from one color to another. What a fun effect this will be in your rugs and add in the shimmer doubles the texture. Metalurgy has light to dark values and goes well with Taupe of The Morning, Pastel For The Love of Chocolate, For The Love of Chocolate, Fair Haven Slate, Lemongrass and Pale Sun Yellow.


Taupe of The Morniing
Here is a soft neutral, slightly on the pink side. It would be excellent darker sand and for lighter sand use Light Taupe of The Morning. It'll work well in for toned neutral areas or perhaps a pig. There is slight movement.


Ives Color: Orange 21-24 (a tone on 3 In 1 Color Tool)

Photo Inset: Light Taupe of The Morning
For The Love of Chocolate
This is medium dark brown similar to milk chocolate. The movement is subtle and a nice choice for a tree.


Ives Color Family: 21-18

Photo Inset: Light For The Love of Chocolate
Fair Haven Slate
This is a medium to dark slate color with subtle movement in values. Dark Fair Haven Slate is quite a rich grey and pretty popular.Spot Dye

Ives Color: 11-24, 12-24 and darker

Wool Club: Issue 11 - 7/18

Photo Inset: Dark Fair Haven Slate
Lemongrass WC
This Lemongrass color is the very pale version of Lemongrass. It's a great light background.

Ives Color: a tint between Yellow & Chartreuse
Sun Yellow
As it's name implies this is a lovely Sun color. It falls between Golden Yellow 24 and Yellow 1. I have it here because the lighter values are more yellow than golden. Wonderful for suns, moons, flowers and touches of brightness. The pastel value would be wonderful for yellow flame or light in a window.


Photo: Dark Sun Yellow Photo Inset: Light Sun Yellow