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Pastels, Pales and Light In Colors

Pastels, Pales and Light In Colors
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Pastels, Pales and Light In Colors
This is a place where I can showcase the Pale and Lights of individual colors in a way they will stand out better. Pick several colors and blend them together for a soft background or border. Choose 3 or more for more interesting sand.

Pale Sun Yellow
A lovely tint of Sun Yellow, would be nice for windows to add a glow of warmth, highlights in a yellow flower or the sun or moon.

Ives Color: Yellow 1 -2

Pale Just Ducky
This is a lovely soft warm yellow. It's just a bit warmer than my other yellows. It would be grat for ducklings or baby chicks. Beautiful flowers, a lighter moom or sun. this is a great piece to have in your stash.


Ives COlor: Yellow 1-2 (Tint)
Light Guardian Angel Sunshine
The softest of my Yellows. Nice for a yellow background.
Light Brilliant Goldfinch
The lighter value of Brilliant Goldfinch. This is a lovely bright yellow. There are multiple uses for this color.
Light Kumquat Jubilee
The light version of Kumquat Jubilee is vibrant and warm. Another choice for the Sun, flowers, bright moons, a raincoat, birds and more.

Light Sun Yellow
The lighter value of Sun Yellow. A pretty yellow with so many possibilities.
Lemongrass WC
This Lemongrass color is the very pale version of Lemongrass. It's a great light background.

Ives Color: a tint between Yellow & Chartreuse
Pale Jiminy Cricket
A wonderful color for lightness and brightness.
Light Lime Sorbet
This is a great piece for a splash of vibrancy! It's too bright to register on the Ives 3 In 1 COlor Tool! It would be great for flower centers or stamens, veins in leaves and highlighs in foliage.

Light Kiwi Chiffon
This is a lovely coloe between Chartreuse and Yellow Green. A fun color to add pizzazz to your rugs. Great for highlights on foliage and lanscapes, too. It would be fun lettering (outline with a Red Purple or Purple for stunning results).Use it for a bright vein in leaves. It's more vibrant than the picture shows!


Ives Color: Chartreuse 2-10 (closer to chartreuse than Yellow Green)
Light Avocado Heaven
The light value of Avocado Heaven. Avocado Heaven is a great color to have in your stash. I've used it innumerable times and the Light version is just as versatile. Would be a pretty light background with the right colors.

Ives Color: Chartreuse 2-28 (tone)
Light Mint Julip
The light value of Mint Julip, New for Spring 2021. A lovely new color for landscapes, foliage, highlights in grass and a wonderful cheerful brightness.

Ives Color: Yellow Green 3 - 5
Light Leaf Green
Pale Grassland
This is such a pretty vibrant pale green. Wonderful highlights in foliage and landscape. It's a nice "Minty " color.

Light Blooming Oak Leaves Abrash
The lighter value of Blooming Oak Leaves Abrash. This is a slightly muted color.
Pale Emerald Splash
This is a pretty vibrant Green. More vibrant than the photo shows. It's in between Green and Blue Green but closer to Green.

Ives Color: Green 5-6
Pale Phthalo green
This is a color to have fun with. It's gorgeous with Navy and it's Compliment of Blue Red 18 like Wine & Roses. It would be fun to use on exotic birds for accents, highlights greenish water and Blue Green leaves. Phthalo Green is an Aqua green but this becomes Blue Green.


Ives Color: Blue Green 6-5
Pale Juniper Mist
A pretty soft Aqua green.

Ives Color: Aqua Green 7 6, 7 7, 7 5, 7 3
Pale Cool Cat Aqua
A pretty aqua, that would be nice for water or a warm sky.

Ives Color: Aqua green 7-2, 7-1
Pastel Turquoise Passion
The lightest of Turquoise Passion and a nice choice for highlights in tropical waters. This pastel color goes to Aqua Green wheres Turquoise Passion is Aqua Blue.


Ives Color: Aqua Green 7 - 4
Light Tropical Passion
For those of you love Turquoise, this is a beautiful color! There are so many uses for a color as lovely as this. Mix it with the original Tropical Passion for more movement.


Ives Color:Turquoise 9-9
Pale Magnificent Peacock
This is another great soft color for skys and highlights in water. Ilove Aqua Blues for skies which are a warmer than Blue.


Ives Color: Aqua Blue 8-4
Light Cool Cat Aqua
Light Cool Cat Aqua is a good choice for a sky. You could also mix it with Pale Cool Cat Aqua for a for more movement or Mix it with with Cool Cat Aqua for a medium value background with nice movement.

Closest to : Ives Color Aqua Blue 8-7
Pale Bluebird
Her is the tint of Bluebird. Its a softer warmer Blue and a useful color for your stash. It would be a nice color for water mixed with a pale lavender would be pretty.

ives Color Cerulean Blue 10 4, 10 - 5.
Pale Blue Love /A
The Pale version of Blue Love/A. This makes a nice sky or water.

Ives Color: Blue 11-8
Pale Blue Suede Shoes
This is a lovely soft blue for a pretty soft sky. Mix it with Light Blue Suede Shoes for more movement.
Pale Periwinkle Delight
The pale value of Periwinkle Delight is great for highlights in water or a pale sky.

For a great mix of wool for water use: Pale Periwinkle, Light Forget Me Not, Light Twinkling Sky, Diane's Snow & Blackened True Blue ( used for shadows). Go to Gallery and see Zoe hooked by Mel Bushey.
Pale Blooming Violet
This is one lovely pale color! Would be a lovely pale violet sky or jist highlights and wonderufl highlights in water. Pretty soft flowers that go well with many cololrs. Mix it with its analogous colors.


Ives Color: Violet 13-6
Pale Larkspur Delight
A lovely soft Violet great for highlights in water and sky or flowers. Subtle movement. Blends well with Blooming Violet


Ives COlor: Violet 13 -5, 13-4, 13-6
Light Larkspur Delight
The light value of Larkspur Delight works nicely for a lighter background, lighter floers and highlights in water. Subtle movement.


Ives COlor: Violet 13-9, 13-7, 13-10
Pale African Violet
A pretty soft Violet. African Violet is a true Violet, however the Pale shows up as a Red Violet.

Ives Color: 14-6, 14-7
Pale Deep Rose
A great color for baby girl rugs.

Ives Color: Fuchsia 16 -5
Pastel Peony
Pastel Peony is a lovely Magenta. Use it for flower buds, pale flowers, highlights in flowers or a tropical house.


Ives Color: Magenta 17-6, 17-8, 17-9, 17-4
Light Bubble Gum Pink
This is a pretty pink for flower buds or light flowers. Another choice for Baby Girl rug and splashes of color. See Bubble Gum Pink for more values.

Ives Color: Magenta 17-4
Pale Hibiscus
Hibiscus is my favorite of the Fuchsia colors, such a lush color.
Pale Cherries Jubilee
The Pale value of Cherries Jubilee. A pretty color for light flowers or buds.

Ives Color: Blue Red 18-7
Pale Bright Red
One of my brightest reds in the pale version. Bright Red is Red 19 but this comes through as Blue Red.. It's such a pretty color. I think with the right rug this could be fun and funky lettering outlined with a darker color. The color reminds me of Sorbet or Gelato.


Ives Color: Blue Red 8
Light Bright Red
This is a pretty medium value Blue Red with subtle movement. Its a great choice for accenting. Nice alternative for a Pink rug.


Ives Color: Blur Red 18- 9
Light Purple Luster
The light value of Purple Luster. Use this value for highlights with Purple Luster or on it's own for a pretty pastel look.


Ives Color: 15-7, 15-6, 15-4
Pale Majestic Purple
The pale value of Majestic Purple. A nice color to add splashes of purple to water. A very pretty bud or light flower.
Pale Wild Salmon
This is the lighter value of Wild Salmon which has been around a long time. It's a beautiful slightly toned tint of Orange Red. There is good movement in values. It's lovely with Cool Cat Aqua, Tropical passion, Turquoise Passion, Dark Logan Blue will blend well with Blazing Sunset.

Ives Color: Orange Red 20 - 20-7, 20-6, 20-6
Light Red Canyon
This is a lovely toned Orange! It's a great choice for a Fox! ( use Red Canyon for the main body, dark for shadows and light for highlights) or an Oriental, Native American or Geometric themed rug.. A pretty accurate color match to the Maple Sugar leaves in the Fall, or Red Canyons from the Southwest. Also a nice soft Orange for Fall Themes. Red Canyon was recently chosen to mix with Light Butterscotch Pie and Dark and Light Forget Me Not. It'd also look great with Classy Navy and Dijon Mustard.


Ives Color: Orange 21-29, 21-28 (tones)
Light Fire Ball
I just love all the values of Fire Ball. This is a lovely color that should be in your stash. There are multiple uses for this piece besides highlights in Fall Foliage. It has a tropical feel, just wonderful for fish and flowers.


ives Color: 21 -18
Pale Tomato Spice
A wonderful color for tropical colored homes. Someone used this for their home in Mexico with Purple Exotica for the Bougainvillea climbing over it. Mouthwatering!
Pastel Fire Ball
A beautiful Pastel that would work well in Tropical Themes, Fish, Lighter Flowers, buds and more. Put it with a background of Tropical Passion or Turquoise Passion. It would be a wonderful tropical cottage with vines and flowers in Hibiscus.


Ives Color: 20-6, 20-7
Pale Fire Ball
A lovely warm bright especially nice in tropical themed rugs. Will be gorgeous with Turquoise and Aqua Blue colors in particular.

Ives Color: 21-8, 21-7, 21-6
Pale Blood Orange
One of my favorite pales. Much prettier than the photo shows. Great for tropical themes.

Ives Color: 21-6, 21-7
Light Gay Flower
Light Gay Flower a soft warm still vibrant Tint of Orange Yellow. Think of tropical homes, pastel flowers, stand out lettering, and accents.


Ives Color: Orange Yellow 23-6
Pale Butternut Toffee
A beautiful warm pale. Another great choice for a tropical home color.
Light Golden Yellow
A soft pretty yellow that is a good warm soft background. Mix it with Sweet Butter for more movement. I love soft yellows like this one (and Sweet Butter) for lighter backgrounds. They compliment most colors well without competing.

Ives Color: Golden Yellow 24 - 3.
Pale Pale Sable
A great color for sand.
Pale For The Love of Chocolate
A pretty soft brown. Great for highlights in animals and sand or dirt road.
Pastel Sable
The palest of Sable and great choise for light Sand, houses and highlights.


Ives Color: 24-1