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Lavender Bliss

Lavender Bliss
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Lavender Bliss
This is a lovely soft wool perfect for delicate looking flowers. There is subtle movement. There are splashes of Blue Violet along with varaition in values. For foliage to pair with Lavender Bliss I like Gemstones and Lily Pad from Yellow Green 3. or a soft lighter background Paisley Purple and Tender Violet would blend nice with Lavender Bliss. For high contrast in the same color family either Blooming Purple or Pansy Joy are gorgeous! Dolly's Orchid would also be pretty with high contrast.


Ives Color: 14-26,14-7,14-5

$3.75, 12/$37.50
$17.50, 5/$78.00
$33.50, 3/$91.00
$62.00, 2/$114.00