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Ives Color Harmony Chart

Ives Color Harmony Chart
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Ives Color Harmony Chart
I developed this originally as a spreadsheet for my own personal use that I used in conjunction with the 3 In 1 Color Tool. When I taught my last Color Planning Class at the Spring Has Sprung Hook In, I wanted my students to have this handy tool and realized that it needed to be more user friendly. It was a great success and made Color Planning simpler for them as it has for me for the last decade.

The chart lists the 24 colors of the Ives Color Wheel and 9 Color harmonies. Chose the main color you want to use in your rug, then work across to see the various colors used in the Color Harmonies. You will fins from simple to complex harmonies to work with. You can then turn to your 3 In 1 Color Tool where you will see the all the values, shades and tones of each color you have chosen. It will truly expand, enhance and simplify the color planning process.

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