Happy Summer! Here in Vermont we have had wonderful weather and we are taking advantage being outside as much as possible. It's a short season here and every day is cherished. I have a fresh batch of Sari Ribbon and Silk yarn. These are so much fun to hook with and create some nice texture in your rug. I just got notice that the silk yarn is being discontinued by my distributor. I ordered extra of favorite colors so stock up now! I'm searching for a new source as we all love this product. Next week we will be packing up for the ATHA Biennial in Denver. Stop by my booth and say hi! Show me your latest project as I love seeing what you all do. There is now Free Shipping on Beeline cutters, frames and cassettes. See the Beeline page for this special code. Happy Hooking Nancy

Quarterly Winners - New Program! This Quarter Winner is Rebecca Rockhill from Arkansas, who has won 3 Fats of her Choice. When you place an order either by phone, web site, email, at a show or my shop your name is entered to win. If you visit my shop or booth you can ask to enter to win, too with no purchase required.