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Hope's Rose

Hope's Rose
Item# hopesrose

Product Description

This was a project for Rug Hooking Magazine in the June/July/August 2007 Issue. I wanted to do a stylized Rose for those that don't care to shade with a bit of a traditional feel. It's simply done with a Spot Dye and outlined. There is a larger version of this called Hope's Rose Evolution and the rose from this was used in Jazzy's Rose Garden ( which came first) and Rose Delight.

Pattern on Linen

Size: 20 in. x 9 in.


Jazzys Rose Garden
A sweet loving girl with an independent spirit who always took time to smell the roses in her lifes journey. Pattern on Linen #FPB1192003 Size: 47in. x 29in.

Hooked by Diane Tanerillo
Hopes Rose Evolution
The rose is a symbol of not just love & beauty, but also of hope. This stylized rose is a perfect place for beginners to learn a flower or for those more experienced who never tire of this beloved flower. Pattern on Linen #FPB2007163 Size: 32in. x 22in.
Rose Delight
Here is the lovely rose done in a vintage stylistic manner to simplify hooking, with a flowing graceful border of rosebuds; yet updated with a fun geometric border. This is a great area size rug.This just calls for your creativity in color planning or go traditional. Either way it will be a beautiful addition to your home. Pattern on linen. Size: 39 in. x 57 in.
Rose Delight rosedelightonlinen