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Henrietta - Gone West

Henrietta - Gone West
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Henrietta - Gone West
The original Henrietta drawn in 2003 has been the honoree of a Rug Show with 13 versions of her bringing chuckles and fun to many. I hooked her in 2004 and had a ball! Do you remember the feelings that hooking various rugs have brought you, I bet many of you do. In recent travels it came to me that she would look great in Cowboy Boots. I personally am on the search for a pair of special red cowboy boots and this may be where the idea came from .She can be quite fun to hook and you can add bling and texture to her delight . She would fabulous in a Black/White check or as I color planned. This is a dramatic look!:

Henrietta - Black Cherry Parfait

Head feathers: Mix Black Cherry Parfait, Red Chocolate, Cool Cat Black, Raisinettes and narrow short cuts of your flower & leaves colors for relieving the darkness. You might want to do this on her wings, too.

Henrietta's Cowboy Boots: Fire Engine Red or Apple of My Eye

Henrietta's Vest: Lite Rainbow Dirt

Flowers: Larkspur Delight, Medium Larkspur Delight and Blazing Sumac Leaves

Leaves: Mix Rose Green Leaves, Avocado Heaven and Olive Elf

Background: use Henrietta's parchment and the Lighter Henrietta's Parchment

Border: Red Chocolate

Pattern On Linen

Size 33in. x 20in.


This is for 2 slims which is what you will need.
This includes 1 slim of each: Red Chocolate, Black Cherry Parfait, Raisinettes, Cool Cat Black
One slim needed for her boots.
This is for 2 slims for Henrietta's vest.
One slim for the outline of the flowers.
12 Slims with a 12 Slim Special Pricing : This includes: 4 Rose Green Leaves, 4 Avocado Heaven and 4 Olive Elf .
The border for Henrietta using rich Red chocolate.
This is 1/2 yard of each Henrietta's parchment and Henrietta's Parchmnet Lite for a total of 1 yard.
This special package is for Henrietta - Gone West and the hand dyed wool needed to hook her. I based the mounts using a #6 cut. If using a #8 cut you may probably need more for the background and border in particular.