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Green Up Day

Green Up Day
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Green Up Day
This year marks the 50th Anniversary of Green Up Day. It's a day when we are encouraged to go out and clean up the rubbish along the road sides. We are provided special bags for this and the bags are picked up by a crew of volunteers. I was in high school when this event began and we all received a commemorative t-shirt which had a silly frog on it. But I loved the idea and the t-shirt and had it for many, many years. I wish I still had it! Anyway, here is a pretty green with a range of Chartreuse, Yellow Green, Spring Green, Green and Blue Green. The colors flow into each other so it will hook up with subtle movement. It's a medium value and if you want a darker piece for shadows or just prefer darker colors use Darker Green Up Day. This is a good piece for a stash builder besides being quite pretty.

Spot Dye

Ives Color: 5-9, 2-12,3-10,4-8,6-8, 7-26

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