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Golfer's Dream Green

Golfer's Dream Green
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Golfer's Dream Green
Golfer's Dream Green is a true green in mid values and a tribute to the green. Just perfect for the green, landscapes, bright foliage. It pairs nicely with Emerald Isles, McCumber Stained Glass and adds some punch with Fields of Joy.

A nice mix of grass is Golfer's Dream Green, Sea Glass & Roasted Kale. To see a sample hooked, in Gallery see Mel Bushey's tribute to Zoe.

Spot Dye

Ives Color Family: 5-15,5-27,5-9

$4.00, 12/$40.00
$7.75, 12/$77.50
$18.50, 5/$85.00
$35.50, 3/$97.00
$66.00, 2/$122.00
Golfer's Dream Green Long 8 Value Swatch
Ives Color: Green 5

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Moss Silk Hankie
Moss Silk Hankie
The best match for Moss is Golfers Dream Green and it goes well with Seaglass, and Olive Elf. there are splashes of Blue Green and Gold. It's Ives color is Spring Green 4-14.
Golfers Dream Green Silk Velvet
This is a lovely Spring Green and almost a perfect match to the wool of same name.

Ives Color: Spring Green 4-12