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Item# gemstones

Product Description

Gemstones is one special wool with a lot of color going on. It is one of my favorites in the spot dyes. I have it listed here in the Yellow Green family and it is listed in the Aqua Green Family, too. It depends on what part of the wool you are looking at. You may not want to cut this one! There are splashes of Chartreuse and Orange-Red and there is movement in values as well. It would be a nice medium background and gorgeous for landscapes and gardens.

Spot Dye

Ives Color Family: 3-31, 7-32, 2-8, 20-16

$3.75, 12/$37.50
$17.50, 5/$78.00
$33.50, 3/$91.00
$62.00, 2/$114.00