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Emerald Sari Ribbon

Emerald Sari Ribbon
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Emerald Sari Ribbon


Verde Mountain
This is a lovely dark green spot with nice movement. Named for the lovely Green Mountains of Vermont. Besides being great for the landscape and foliage , it's a great color for darker backgrounds or borders. Bright colors will lovely with this piece. There are fairly equal splashes of Green and of Blue Green which is wy I have it listed under Green -5 and Blue Green -6. You'll find splashes Blackish Green and some lighter splashes of Spring Green.

Spot Dye

Ives Color:6-17,5 - 18 6-18,4-18
Midnight Teal Green
Midnight Teal Green is a lovely green to have in your stash that you will use time and again. For Blue Green Foliage use Seaglass for lightest, Tickle Me Teal Green Lightly,Midnight Teal Green and Verde Mountain for the darkest. You could add Budding Spring or Lily Pad for a punch of brightness.


Ives Color: 6-15,6-16,6-17
Tickle Me Teal Green
Tickle Me Teal Green is just lovely and popular from the 1st Issue of The Wool Club. It would be a medium dark background which would make wonderful movement mixed with Tickle Me Teal Green Lightly (in the Blue Green Family) and Serenity (in the Aqua Blue Family). Just gorgeous! Lovely in foliage and the landscape.

Wool Club Issue 1 - 1/16

Spot Dye

Ives Color: 7-16, 7-26, 5-23 Tickle Me Teal Green Lightly: 7-13, 7-14,-15

Photo Inset: Tickle Me Teal Green Lightly