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Dolly's Orchid

Dolly's Orchid
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Dolly's Orchid
I find this piece valuable to have on hand. It's rich and deep providing nice contrast with many other colors without overtaking. One of my favorites!Beautiful with all the greens in Yellow-Green 3! If you have seen my sign at shows this is the background color. It's so pretty I have it available in 3 values; Light Dolly's Orchid, Dolly's Orchid and Dark Dolly's Orchid along with an 8 value swatch. The 8 Value Swatch would make stunning flowers! For a beautiful rich and dark background mix Dark Dolly's orchid, Blackberry Smash, Berry Jubilee, Blooming Purple and Dark Blooming Purple.

Wool Club Issue 2-4/16 Dark Dolly's Orchid


Ives Color Family: 15-13 Deep Dolly's Orchid Ives Color: 15-18

Photo: Dolly's Orchid

Photo Inset:Dark Dollys Orchid

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$7.75, 12/$77.50
$18.50, 5/$85.00
$35.50, 3/$97.00
$66.00, 2/$122.00
Dolly's Orchid Long 8 Value Swatch
in it's darkest value I love Dolly's Orchid.

Ives Color; Purple 15

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Mulberry Silk Hankie
Mulberry Silk Hankie
Mulberry is a lush Purple. It's Ives color is Purple 15-15. Beautiful with Blooming Purple and Dark Dolly's Orchid. These 2 blend well together for a beautiful background, and by adding Mulberry here and there with the 2 wool colors will add some subtle texture. A very rich look!
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Blooming Purple Hand Dyed Yarn
A perfect match to Blooming Purple Wool. Blooming Purple is famous for being the background in my Blooming Fall Rug. Will also work with Majestic Purple, Darker Lilac Mist, and Dark Dolly's Orchid.

2 oz.

100 % 2 ply hand dyed wool

Ives Color:Purple 15 - 15-16, 15-17