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Color Planning Tools

Color Planning Tools
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Ives Color Harmony Chart
I developed this originally as a spreadsheet for my own personal use that I used in conjunction with the 3 In 1 Color Tool. When I taught my last Color Planning Class at the Spring Has Sprung Hook In, I wanted my students to have this handy tool and realized that it needed to be more user friendly. It was a great success and made Color Planning simpler for them as it has for me for the last decade.

The chart lists the 24 colors of the Ives Color Wheel and 9 Color harmonies. Chose the main color you want to use in your rug, then work across to see the various colors used in the Color Harmonies. You will fins from simple to complex harmonies to work with. You can then turn to your 3 In 1 Color Tool where you will see the all the values, shades and tones of each color you have chosen. It will truly expand, enhance and simplify the color planning process.

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3 in 1 Color Tool
It's easy as 1, 2, 3... Start with your desired color card. Choose a color scheme options. Find the corresponding color cards to create the perfect color combination. Improved! Larger color swatches and expanded guidelines for use. Portable size. Based on the Ives Color wheel. Updated 3rd Edition with 816 Colors with CMYK, RGB, and HEX Formulas!
Ives COlor Harmony Chart & 3 In 1 Color Tool Set
Here is an opportunity to purchase both at a special price. Happy Color Planning!

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Essential Color Wheel
Selecting perfect color combinations has never been easier! By popular demand, Joen Wolfrom has designed a durable, color-accurate, double-sided, multi-purpose color wheel that is perfectly sized for use in your studio, workroom, office, or sewing room. It's easily transportable! One side of the wheel features 24 pure colors with 4 essential color-plan wheels for each color. The opposite side shows a range of each pure colors tints, shades, and tones. Pure-color wedges are slotted so you can audition colors (fabrics, paint swatches, etc.) alongside them to ensure a perfect match.

+ Beautiful color reference based on the Ives scientific color theory, the definitive color source for nearly a century.

+ Perfect companion to our Ultimate 3-in-1 Color Tool and my Color Harmony Chart

+ Includes instructions for choosing colors that work together, taking the mystery out of working with tints, tones and shades.