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Cool Cat Aqua

Cool Cat Aqua
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Cool Cat Aqua
This is a great versatile color. If you are looking for pizzazz pair it with either Apple of My Eye or Pomegranate. Mix a few of the values together for a pretty light to medium background. It's nice with Red Violet Joy, Magenta Marble Parfait and Bright Shiraz. It blends well with Emerald Isles, Seabottom, Sea World, Tickle Me Teal Green, and Blue Joy just to name a few. It's a useful piece to have in your stash. Cool Cat Aqua runs between Aqua Blue and Turquoise, not quite a match to either but a bit closer to Aqua Blue.


Ives Color Family: Aqua - Blue 8-9, Pale Cool Cat Aqua 8-4, Light Cool Cat Aqua 8-7, Dark Cool Cat Aqua 8-15

Photo: Cool Cat Aqua - Cool Cat Aqua is brighter and a little more blue than this photo represents - check your Ives Color Tool

Photo Inset: Light Cool Cat Aqua

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$18.50, 5/$85.00
$35.50, 3/$97.00
$66.00, 2/$122.00
Cool Cat Aqua  Long 7 Value Swatch
A pretty soft aqua blue

Ives Color: Aqua Blue 8

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Teal Silk Hankie
Teal Silk Hankie
Silk Hankies are a fun way to add some texture to your rugs. They have a nice sheen and can be worked like roving and hooked in or felted. Peacock Beauty is a perfect match to Teal Silk Hankie. It's also nice with Joyous Blue, Lagoon Blue and Cool Cat Aqua. It's Ives color is Aqua Blue 8-15.
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Shiningness Sari ribbon
The wool colors that go well with Shiningness are Cool Cat Aqua ( all values), Light Logan Blue, Lagoon Blue, & Light Magnificent Peacock.

50 yards 100 gram