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Chromatic Sari Ribbon

Chromatic Sari Ribbon
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Chromatic Sari Ribbon
Chromatic is like a Dip Dye going from Soft Red to Peach to Green & Blue. The wool colors that go well with Chromatic are: gently Red, Cherries Jubilee, Wine & Roses, Spruced Up, Dark Forget Me Not & Tulip Background # 4.


Gently Red
Gently Red is a soft red I have used several times myself. I use for soft accents and for outining. It would be a lovely flower, dress, corner blocks, border or lettering. A wonderful bathing suit or house or shutters. This is a good piece to have in your stash even when you don't know what you are going to use it for.


Ives Color: Red 19-11, 19-9
Cherries Jubilee
here is a lovely Blue Red that would be a great alternative for Christmas Themed rugs or a Victorian Theme. I see it as beautiful and rich ribbons, dresses, borders, hats or deep rose and for the right design could work as a background such as an Oriental or Native American.

Ives Color Family 18 Blue Red: 18-14
Wine and Roses
Wine and Roses is a pretty blue- red. From The Wool Club Issue 8 Oct. 2017. Pretty for hearts, flowers,dresses,nice for a soft strawberry and in it's Dark Value a nice rich cranberry color that would be wonderful for Christmas Themed rugs if you prefer to use cranberry instead of red. If you are looking for a Baby Girl Pink, then choose Pastel Wine & Roses.


Ives Color: 18-4, Medium Wine & Roses 18-11, Dark Wine & Roses 18-16 , Light Wine & Roses 1818-8, Pale Wine & Roses 18-6, Pastel Wine & Roses 18-4

Spruced Up
Spruced Up is a medium value of Blue Green. Another lovely green for the landscape and plant foliage. Use Wine & Roses for your flowers and you'll have a lovely flower! Would be a nice house color, grass highlights and more. Spruced Up & Beyond is a Spot Dye/Abrash all in one. A gorgeous piece for backgrounds, borders, foliage and landscapes. Abrash

Ives Color: Blue Green 6-7

Photo Inset: Spruced Up & Beyond6 15, 6 16, 6 17, 6 18, 7 15, 7 17, 5 15
Forget Me Nots
This is my most popular blue wool in this family. It's lovely for soft skies, delicate flowers (Forget Me Not's), blue dresses or nice in a crewel design. Forget Me Not Pale and Forget Me Not Light also available. Mix all three together for a lovely soft sky with nice movement.

Wool Club Issue 1 - 1/16


Ives Color: 10-8

Photo: Dark Forget Me Not

Photo Inset: Forget Me Not on top, Light Forget Me Not, Pale Forget Me Not
Tulip Background # 4
There are 5 pieces in this series developed for the background in Tulip Basket.his is the 4th in the series. Each piece gets darker with a variation in color.This piece has splashes of Violet and Blue Violet. It makes for a beautiful background with lots of movement.

Spot Dye