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Checkerboard Piggy

Checkerboard Piggy
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Checkerboard Piggy
In honor of the year of the Pig here is Checkeboard Piggy. Pigs are so darn cute it's hard not to love them. For color planning I suggest choosing five colors for the border or use your stash for hit or miss. I dyed a special piece of wool for my pigs called Mrs. Piggy. Not too pinky or peachy and light enough. Whatever, your approach this will be a fun rug to hook.

If you are alternating squares with 2 colors I suggest 3/4 of Mrs. Piggy for # 6 cuts and above. If you are just outlining the squares and using 1 color, then order 1.5 yards of Mrs. Piggy.

Pattern on Linen

Size: 37.5 x 23.25


Mrs. Piggy
I love pigs, they make me chuckle and piglets are so adorable. I wanted a realistic pig color. Not all, but most have a light salmon/pink skin tone with whitish hair. Here is a blend of those two effects. Also available in a medium value for those wrinkle lines.


Ives Color: Yellow Orange 22-2

Photo: Medium Mrs. Piggy