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Celebrations, Holidays and Seasons

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These are the icing on the cake of life. Cherished memories& traditions with friends & family that are looked forward to with anticipation year after year. -The most beautiful things in the world cannot be seen or even touched. They must be felt with the heart.- Helen Killer

Winter's Bouquet
Winter's Bouquet
Winter's Bouquet wintersbouquet
Patriotic Fish
A delightful patriotic fish swimming by proudly waving the flag with stars in his eyes. Pattern on Linen #FPBD2003124 Size: 28in. x 18in.

Patriotic Colonial
With a feather in his cap, carrying the flag with an apple attached to the pole - how more Patriotic can a gent be? Pattern on Linen #FPBD2003143 Size: 18in. x 24in.
Blooming Fall
The crisp invigorating air of Fall and it's harvest are reflected in this bouguet of 1 wild aster amid oak leaves and spray's of bittersweet tucked into a pumpkin. It can abound with the rich vibrant colors of the season or sooth your spirit with more subdued color. Either way a celebration of the season. Pattern on Linen #FPBD2008177 Size: 24in. x 24in. Available as a kit.
Indian Corn Welcome
Welcome the season, family and friends with this fun pattern dressed in the glorious colors of Autumn. Pattern on Linen #FPBD2008170 Size: 16" x 21"
Squirrel Harvest
Fall is such a busy time for critters preparing their stash of food for the winter. This squirrel has been very lucky in finding this giant acorn that will provide many a meal for the long season. Pattern on Linen #FPB1022002 Size: 35.75in. x 23.75in. See kits for pattern with wool.
Pumpkin Man
I thought - We Have Smowmen, why don't we have pumpkin men? A jaunty fellow with suspenders and a poka dot bow tie all dressed up to greet Autumn. Pattern on Lnen #FPBD2003117
Jill and Jack OLanterns
Two Jack OLanterns trying hard to impress one Jill OLantern with stars in her eyes! Endless possibilities with the plaid background. Pattern on Linen #FPBD2003113 Size: 28in. x 19in.
Crows Halloween
In anticipation of halloween Mr Crow, surrounded by pumpkin leaves and buds, pulls his Jack OLantern home. Pattern on Linen #FPBD2003109 Size: 39in. x 24in.
Andy's Snowman
A cheerful snowman snuggled in his colorful hat and scarf nudge memories of cold cheeks, laughter awaiting hot chocolate and warm cookies. Pattern on Linen #FPBD2003137 Size 15in. x 22in.
Bringing Joy
Children making music bring joy under the shimmering beauty of a glorious star. Pattern on Linen #FPBD2005147 Size 17in. x 22.5in. *On the cover of Rug Hooking Magazine Nov/Dec 2005.
Joy To All
A young girl plays music for her friends who listen in rapture. Pattern on Linen #FPBD2008193 Size 20in. x 28in.
Buddy's Christmas
A content toy loving lab, snuggling with his gift under the tree. Pattern on Linen #FPBD2003104 Size 40" x 30"
The Childrens Nativity
Surround your Christmas Tree with Love, Peace and Joy with this depiction of the Nativity by children. Includes directions for construction and pattern for fabric insert. Rug Hooking Magazine Nov/Dec 2007, - Hook a Christmas Tree Skirt- Pattern on Linen #FPBD2007165 Size: 54in. x 54in.
Little Carolers
A young boy and his friends sing joyously, enthusiastically of Christmas. Pattern on Linen #FPBD2006164 Size: 27in. x 20in.
Blessed Journey
Wondrous Night
A young shepherd and faithful companion making a journey they will never forget...on this Wondrous Night. Pattern on Linen #FPBD2004147 Size 13in. x 18.5in.
Believe! A Farm XMAS
Believe! A Farm XMAS believe-a-farm-xmas