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Cerulean Blue Sari Ribbon

Cerulean Blue Sari Ribbon
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Cerulean Blue Sari Ribbon


Blue Love
A lovely piece in the true blue family. Blue Love is a mix of medium to medium dark values with a subtle splash of Blue Violet. A hard one to keep in stock as it's quite versatile and useful. A good stash builder. If you want a blue sky this would be a good choice. It would mix well with Heavenly Waters for some lighter values and nice movement. It was requested to do an abrash version of Blue Love and that is called Blue Love/A. It's quite pretty and in between Blue and Blue Violet.

Spot Dye

Ives Color Family 11-20,12-13

Blue Love/A- Ives Color: Close to Blue Violet 13-13
Cerulean Sari Ribbon and Fat Quarter Wool