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Cadmium Sari Ribbon

Cadmium Sari Ribbon
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Product Description

Cadmium Sari Ribbon


Just Brassy
Just Brassy is Gold Bullion with a bit of blue added. It takes the red right out and converts to a greenish cast. Think of it as a bit of poison. It'll be nice against Classy Navy, Midnight Delight, Black Grapes and a few more of the Darker pieces. Just a touch of poison is a good thing!


Ives Color: Goldn Yellow 24-12 (Shade)
Wild Pear
A new piece I am excited about. Wild Pear is soft yellow with tinges of yellow green and subtle splashes of aqua, turquoise and purple.Wild Pear will add pizzazz.It's nice with Country Red, the Turquoise Blues, the Blue Violets, the Red Violets and blends with a punch with the Chartreuse's.

Wool Club Issue 2 -4/16

Spot Dye

Ives Color Family 1-30,1-29,1-11,7-3,15-13,9-19
Cadmium Sari Ribbon and Fat Quarter Special