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Button Flower II

Button Flower II
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Product Description

Button Flower is a great choice for the begining rug hooker or if you just want a simple fast project. For a project that won't require a lot of thinking; choose 2 colors for the flower, one for outline and one for fill, choose 1 color for center of flower and use that too for your border. Then choose 1 color for your background and that's it! It would be a fast project too to use a 7 value swatch for a little shading or if you're just experimenting with this technique. Or, you can go fun and funky with bright colors and add textures such as sari ribbon, silk yarn or velvet. Then turn it into a pillow for a small splash of color on your bed or chair. We have a 6 inch. version of this hooked in the shop showcasing velvet, my friend Ania's shimmer & metallic's, silk ribbon and silk yarn and it's beautiful.

Pattern on Linen

Size: 10 in. x 10 in.