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Budding Spring

Item# buddingspring

Product Description

I love this piece! In the early spring when buds first come out, leaves just beginning to unfurl, there is a bright green you will not see any other time of year. It's magnificent! I had to dye a piece to catch this look and here it is. For some tropical pizzaz pair it with Tropical Turquoise, Parakeet Tweet,Aqua Parfait just to name a few.

Spot Dy

Ives Color Family 3-9 ( Pure Yellow Green)

$3.50, 12/$35.00
Budding Spring Fat Quarter
$16.50, 5/$75.00
Budding Spring 1/2 Yard
$31.50, 3/$85.00
Budding Spring Yard
$60.00, 2/$110.00
Budding Spring Sample