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This color is being discontinued. I have issues with the dye combination which requires extra steps and time to dye and I can easily end up with Oops It is such a pretty color, especially the darker values so I am working on a replacement.

Bluebird is a pretty medium value cerulean blue. There are multiple uses for this blue. The Pale Bluebird would be great for a sky and Light Bluebird would be a nice Bluebird color. Will be stunning with all most all of Yellow Orange -22 colors, especially Joyful Orange. For a stunning Triadic Color Harmony include Blue - Red 18 ( Wine & Roses) and Chartreuse - 2 ( Pistachio). There are so many possibilities with Bluebird. For a good "Bluebird" use Light Bluebird & Medium Bluebird and Light Flamingo Dance. Bluebird is now available in Sparkle.


Ives Color: Cerulean Blue 10-11

Photo: Light Bluebird

Pale - 2 slims available

Light 9 slims available 5 slims Light Bluebird Sparkle available

Bluebird - 4 slims available , 5 Slims Blue Sparkle available

Darker - 8 slims available , 8 slims Darker Bluebird Sparkle available
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Pale 4 fats available

Light 3 fats available 2 fats Light Bluebird Sparkle available

Bluebird 1 fat available 1 fat Bluebird Sparkle available

Darker 3 fats available 3 fats Darker Bluebird Sparkle available
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Bluebird Long 7 Value Swatch
brighter cerulean blue and gorgeous.

Ives Color: Cerulean Blue 10

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Regular price: $20.00