Happy Spring! The 22 nd Issue of the Wool Club is out the door and should be in your mailboxes. It's always a good feeling to have it completed.

This week Recycled Silk Yarn is at a special pricing. I've matched wool colors to each yarn color making easier for choosing colors to play with. This item is no longer so quantities are listed. I'll replace with a new product later in the year.

There are 2 new categories of my Hand Dyed Wool! Now there is a separate category for Pale, Pastel and Light Colored Wool and for Dark Colored Wool. It just make finding those values a breeze for you! New choices added weekly.

I'm excited about a new Sparkle! I love Hibiscus, my favorite Fuchsia color and it just got more fun in the sparkle version.

Always Free Shipping on Beeline cutters, frames and cassettes. See the Beeline page for this special code. Happy Hooking Nancy

Quarterly Winner! This Quarter Winner is Marsha Mulroony from Indiana who has won 3 Fats of her Choice. Congratulations!