HappyNew Year! My New Years Goal is to have photos of all my wool on the web site in a year. It's a big project and a challenge to get the colors right and I am determined to achieve my goal. I'm always being asked to help out with your projects and I enjoy it. Here is a note I just received: " Hi Nancy, I cannot thank you enough for your expert advice on color that you provide for me. You are always so willing to give time and attention to my projects and your choices are always perfect picks. I enjoy your wool clb so much. It is a god send in my search for wool. It always has such a great collection that I can pick from. And your wool is fabulous!! everyone always raves about in my work. Thanks for all you do and I have much appreciation for your talent. My Best, Rita Geneviva " I am so excited to tell you that Judith Hotchkiss of Judith Hotchkiss Design & Dye Works and I will be co-hosting the Harvest Hook In September 26-27,2020! Check it out and see all the fun we have planned! Always Free Shipping on Beeline cutters, frames and cassettes. See the Beeline page for this special code. Happy Hooking Nancy

Quarterly Winners - New Program! This Quarter Winner is Lois Royer from Maryland, who has won 3 Fats of her Choice. When you place an order either by phone, web site, email, at a show or my shop your name is entered to win. If you visit my shop or booth you can ask to enter to win, too with no purchase required.