Latest Sale: I'm overstocked on Hand Dyed Selvages which are $2.oo off per bag. These are great for utilitarian rugs and I've been told are wonderful to add bits of color and texture to jewelry. New photos have been added in Swatches and Hand Dyed Wool. Swatches aren't just for fine shading. These packs of 8 values are so useful in any style of rug. If you've been wanting to try simple shading see my rug Sunflowers for a simple beginners way to shade a flower. After an 18 month hiatus, Dancing Ear Jewelry is back in production. There is a mix of earrings and pins always fun, funky and a joy to dress around. The Down East Hook In..... We still have room for the hook In! Join us for this fun filled 2 days in a great location with good food.

Always Free Shipping on Beeline cutters, frames and cassettes. See the Beeline page for this special code. Happy Hooking Nancy

Quarterly Winner! This Quarter Winner is Cathy McCue from California who has won 3 Fats of her Choice. Congratulations!